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Triple X

Triple X Pinky

Triple X Pinky

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Size are thrilled to introduce our incredible fish catchers; Triple X Vibes. Each lure is carefully handcrafted and painted in our unique colors; Flash, Midnight, Pinky, Sunrize and VB (Victoria Bitter!). Each Lure is fitted with Triple X Tournament Tough Tackle – Clips and Hooks.

Each Triple X Clip has passed vigorous industry standard testing to rate the breakage weight before the clip will break or give way. We have complete confidence in the strength of our Triple X terminal tackle to handle any lunker that attacks your Triple X Lures!


Lure Size Clip Size Hook Size Clip Rating

Lure Size

Clip Size

Hook Size

Clip Rating

Triple X 7gm – 40mm

# 2

# 10

10kg – 22lb

Triple X 14gm – 55gm

# 3

# 12

17kg – 37lb

Triple X 21gm– 65mm

# 5

# 14

27kg – 59lb

 Triple X 28gm– 70mm

# 5

# 14

27kg – 59lb


Triple X Vibes catch fish! From Saltwater to Freshwater. Triple X Vibes catch ALL species of fish. Fast becoming a favorite lure of professionals and amateurs alike.

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